May 31, 2011:  A bit of a nasty day today but the weather has been pretty good for May this year!  The fishing has been great too, the guys at Joint Lake have been doing very well, the last group had a couple Lake Trout trophies, a couple big Pike and a couple of trophy Walleye.  The group at Joint Lake this week already has 3 trophy Walleye in the first 2 days!  Aswap Lake is doing well, 10 more trophy Pike for the second group at Aswap this season!  Hoping to get some pictures from the guys who have come and gone already this year.  At the lodge we’re getting a nice combination of big Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout.  Nobody has been to the Brook Trout River yet except for Tom and I to set up.  We took 20 minutes to throw a few casts and landed 3 Brookies, 2 of them were trophies!!