May 30, 2004: We have a full camp and all three outposts are open, but the ice is still not all gone. We’ve broken the record for latest ice out in our 16 year history on Bolton Lake. I believe the old record was set in 1996 when we were finally able to reach all areas of the lake on May 27th. We’re still only fishing Mink, #1, Woods Bay, Winter Road Bay, and the Old Lodge. We expect any day we’ll be able to get across to #2, West River, the North Channel etc, but I feel like I’ve been saying that for 10 days.

Even though we’re only fishing 15% of the lake we’re still landing a ton of trophy fish, mostly Pike and Walleye. The biggest are a 46 inch Pike and a 29 inch Walleye and we’re averaging over 6 trophies per day.


Here’s a picture of a trophy Pike caught in #1 on Friday: