May 29th, 2015:  In the first week of being open we’ve gone from 80+ degrees down to about 28 degrees this morning for a low with snow and freezing rain.  It’s an unwelcome change but it’s May and we’ve had it pretty good for most of the month and this weather will be gone tomorrow so we’ll just keep on fishing!  The fishing has been really good with tons of Walleye, a bunch of trophy Pike and tons more 36-40 inches long, some really great Lake Trout fishing in shallow water and the Brook Trout river is producing already too!

We have a few Bear hunters in camp this week and we’ve had some great action at our bait sites!  Two of our first 4 hunters have shot bears, another has passed up 3 more bears but we’re optimistic because of the great looking bears coming into the baits.  We have captured some great trail camera pictures, check them out below!

Our first group at Aswap Lake Outpost camp had great weather and great fishing!  The fishing was so good they barely noticed the new cabin, except that it was closer to their favorite fishing spots!  5 guests had 23 trophy Pike (41 inches up to 45.5 inches) in 5 days!!  Our first Joint Lake guests are coming in on Sunday.