May 27th, 2012:  The first guests for the lodge arrived today to the warmest and calmest day we’ve had since early May!  Earlier this week we ran into what looked like a blizzard and before that it was just cold and raining!  Looks like tomorrow will be a bit nasty as well so we’ll enjoy today while we can.  I told the guests who arrived today to spend as much time as they could fishing because tomorrow they will have more time to get set up while it rains and blows from the Northeast.  The group who left from Aswap had 6 trophies, a third of what they usually get but they lost 2 days to the weather, so it makes sense but it is unfortunate.  The guys who left Joint Lake this morning said they had good fishing when the weather allowed them to get out.  Some big Walleye but not a ton of Walleye so they are still recovering from spawn…a good sign for those guests to come in the next few weeks.

We have a couple of bear hunters in this week, hopefully we can pick off that one that wrecked the cabin at Aswap!  He would have to travel a long way but bears are known to move around.

Almost all the staff have arrived in camp and our new chef has been here for a week.  Even with working all day and being constantly on my feet, I’ve still gained 2 pounds!!  Her deserts are amazing (obviously one of my weaknesses) and every one of her meals has been devoured and thoughroughly enjoyed by the staff!  I’m looking forward to the ribs tonight, we haven’t had those yet.