May 26th, 2010:  Things are well underway here at the lodge!  We have already welcomed our first guest for the lodge and at Joint Lake and we’re already on our second group at Aswap Lake.  The first group of 6 guys who fished Aswap for 5 and a half days had a great time again.  They’ve been fishing Aswap since the first year we opened the camp and they always take the first week of the season so they know exactly where to go to find the big ones.  They landed 22 trophy Pike (41 or larger) including 3 at 44 inches!  I did not get the full break down but there was close to 1000 fish in total and and they also keep track of how many are between 35-41 and how many are Pike vs Walleye.

We set up the Brook Trout River the other day and the fish were biting there too!  In just a few hours of fishing we landed about 20 Brook Trout and 6 of them were trophies!  The big ones were biting, we caught a 23 inch and two 22’s!  That’s the best I’ve ever seen for big Brook Trout in such a short time!  I’m putting a video on Facebook, please click the link and check it out!

Camp set up always has it’s share of challenges, this year the low water is causing extra grief as we’ve had to build a new docking system for the float plane and we’re marking new rocks that we’ve never seen before.  Cabins shifting, animals chewing wires off sewer pumps, small items like fuel hoses, paddles, and tools going missing have all added to the fun of getting set up for the season.  The equipment is all working well and the staff is looking great for this year!

We’re excited to get the Dash 8 into camp on Sunday with an even larger crew of guests for the lodge and our outposts!