May 23rd, 2004: The weather and the fishing has been exceptional lately, but the lake is still frozen. We’ve been hauling groups by snowmobile across the lake to open water at hole #1. From there we have at least 4 miles of open water all the way into Mink Creek where the fishing has been great. In a day and a half of fishing the Schenkel group has caught 5 trophies, mostly Pike. The Walleye are right in the middle of spawning and the Pike are moving into the shallows where there’s no ice to get ready to spawn. If the weather continues this current trend we should be going to the outposts by the end of the week.


Here’s a great picture taken at 8 a.m. this morning:

The ice is getting a bit soft so we hope to stop running on it today and access the boats through the back bay behind the lodge. We’ve just about cut a path with the boats from Mink to the back bay, and we should be done today.