May 22nd, 2007: We’re officially under way with our first guests!! On Sunday 6 guys went into Aswap, 4 into Joint Lake and 7 guests came to the lodge. Tomorrow we have a full camp! The weather has not been cooperating as it did in April and early May, but we’re still making the best of it. We’ve had some cooler temperatures and some rain over the last couple of days so the fishing has been okay but not incredible yet. We set up the Brook Trout flyout yesterday and I had to train the pilot and another guide (Willie) how to run the rapids and where to catch the Brookies….it was really nice to get out and have a bit of fun for a few hours. That was the first time that I wet a line since the ice has come off the lake, it’s been tough looking at that open water and not getting out fishing, but there was a lot of work to get the camp ready and there wasn’t any time for fishing.

As mentioned in a previous bulletin, we have some very nice St. Croix rods and reels to rent at the lodge this season. If anybody would like to rent just the rod but use their own reel, that’s certainly an option. All the rods are spinning rods but if I get enough guests who would like to rent baitcasting rods, I can order some of those as well. Please let me know your opinion on this.

We have our first spring bear hunter in camp right now. Our timing has not worked out very well to meet the bear at the bait site, but the bear has been captured on the trail camera at least 5 times now. There are a couple of bears hitting the bait site, one that’s estimated to be about 300 pounds, the pictures are below. With some patience and some luck I’m sure by Sunday he’ll get his shot.