May 20th, 2014:  We still have ice on our main lake here at Bolton Lake but we have 3 boats launched in the back bay and we can access Mink Creek, the Gator Bowl, Hole #1, and the south-south bays.  It’s a bit cooler today with wind from the north and clouds but the weather has been pretty good lately.  The sun will be out for the next few days and with the black ice on the lake we’re hoping it will go quickly so we have even more fishing spots for our first guests.  The freight haul will be finished tomorrow, the fuel haul has been delayed due to a mechanical issue with the fuel hauling plane.  Only 3 loads of fuel to go and we’ll be set for the season.

The Pike are spawning in the shallow bays, you can catch them by hand they are in such shallow water!  There are tons of Walleye and Suckers up in Mink Creek, you could net or spear them by the hundreds but rod and reel are more fun!  The bear baiting sites we can access have been baited and we’re waiting for the first bears to make their appearances, lots of good bait out there will bring them in!

Here are a few pictures from the spring so far: