May 20th, 2011:  Things are much more under control now!  The weather has been amazing for May, almost too hot for working a couple of days!  There’s no ice left on Bolton or Aswap Lake, there’s a bit floating around on Joint Lake but I’m betting that it will be gone tomorrow.  The new staff that are here already are bring shown around the lake and are stocking the shore lunch spots with fire wood and all the pans and axes.  The new docks are coming along nicely, we should be ready to push a few into the lake within a few days, we went back to floating docks.

The fish are biting!  The guys at Joint Lake have caught a lot of nice Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout.  We got enough Walleye last night to feed all 17 of us here at the lodge tonight, it was a great meal!  Aswap is doing well if you don’t count the fact that I had to replace their water pump, stand the antenna back up for the radio and get the sewer tank working now that the ice thawed enough to put the pump in.  In the 2 days that they’ve been there they had 8 trophies up to 45 inches and in one spot they caught 250 Walleye!

All the bugs are getting worked out, the fishing and the weather are great!  The season is on, so come on up!