May 2, 2015:  Okay, now it’s time to get real busy!  We did our aircraft recurrent training this week, I picked up our 7 new Yamaha 30 hp 4 stroke engines and about 100 other little things I should have been taking care of instead of ice fishing!  Tom has been collecting some real good bear bait, he has a 45 gallon drum of used oil from Fried Chicken restaurants and a couple hundred pounds of oats to soak up all that grease!  On May 5th we’re flying into the lodge for the first time in months and we expect to see some open water in a few places!  I’m guessing the ice will not be safe for travel on snowmobile or quad but we’ll stay busy around camp getting the runway ready for the freight haul and building a few new things.

I’ll post again in a few days with some pictures of the ice situation and then a few days later with pictures of the supplies being flown in.  Should be fun!

The open dates below from the April 6th update still apply I’ll just update a couple of things below.