May 10th, 2014:  I was back and forth to the lodge a couple of times this week and things are looking not too bad.  There’s some open water along the shores, rivers and creeks but there’s still snow and slush on top of the ice.  The good thing about the slush and snow is that when it all melts it will really help deteriorate the ice below.  The ice is very unsafe right now with the open spots and slush with weak ice below so there isn’t much opportunity to get out on the lake to get any work done.  We were hoping to be able to go bait some bear spots, cut firewood and do a bit of ice fishing but that won’t be happening this spring.  When I left the lodge this morning it looked as though it would be about a week before the back bay will be open, that’s not too bad considering it opens up a some great fishing areas and 3 more bear bait spots and we have almost 2 weeks before our hunters come in.

The freight haul is scheduled for this week but the weather doesn’t look great, hopefully the forecast is wrong and everything works out but I have a feeling we’re going to lose a day or two waiting for the weather to clear and the runway to dry.  Either way, we have given ourselves some extra time to be ready and we can get in enough supplies to get the season started.

I am also doing more frequent updates on Facebook (because it’s so easy these days) if you’re looking for more up to date information on ice conditions.  Here’s the link: