March 4th, 2008: Sorry for the lack of updates, I didn’t realize it had been so long. Most of the Sportshows have come and gone with just a late show in Minneapolis early April to finish off. Many people asked us at the shows why we were there since it looked as though we were pretty booked up but we managed to fill a few holes in the schedule and do some work for 2009. Most of the time we were sold out of outpost dates, but we’ve had a couple of groups release their spots since the shows so now we have to resell the dates. We have managed to sell 3 of the 4 open spots so there’s just one to go now and that’s July 20 – 27 at Aswap Lake. Please see our rates page for last minute holes to fill.

I’ve been working on getting my commercial pilot’s license over the past few weeks. I’ve been wanting to get it for a number of years so that in case our float plane pilot is sick or if he has to leave for any reason, then I can fill in. It will also give me more freedom to go to the outposts myself to make sure things are working properly.

We’re planning our fuel haul a bit earlier this year. March 15th is the projected date so we’re going to the lodge on about the 10th to clear the snow from the runway to allow the Hawker to come in and land. We’re hoping to get the fuel in without waiting for spring when the runway can be soft and wet from the thaw. Once the fuel haul is completed we’re going to start to build a new main dock system. We’ve had a floating dock for a few years at the new lodge but when that wind comes up the dock and the boats take a beating. We’re going to build a crib dock which will be permanent and will protect the boats a lot more.

We’re planning to run our Moose and Bear hunt again this year. Please click here to see the new hunting page.