June 28th, 2010:  I’ve been updating our facebook page a bit more often, that’s why I’ve updated this page less than usual.

The weather is very cool, cloudy and windy today but it’s not going to last!  We’ve had a good run of trophies as well, very consistent unlike many years where there’s one lucky week when all the stars align and a dozen trophies per day are caught.  We’re averaging 3-5 trophies per day which is nice because every group is getting big fish!  The weather has been cooperating this year, especially when we’re bringing in airplanes to move guests!  I’ve had a few seasons where every weekend meant bad weather and we struggled through the change-overs but we’ve been very lucky so far this year with our change-over days!

Joint Lake and Aswap Lake are doing very well.  Yesterday as the groups were leaving, the guys from Aswap said that they had 3 Pike 41 inches or bigger and the guys from Joint Lake had the same plus a 27 inch Walleye!  There have also been countless Pike between 35 – 40 inches at the outposts and the lodge this season!

More great pictures!