June 22nd, 2013:  Other than a few showers so far this season, our weather has been fantastic!!  The fishing has been very good as well, lots of big Pike lately with some great Lake Trout, Walleye and Brook Trout action!  The new boats are a hit and our break water seems to be helping with keeping the wave action down so the boats don’t get beat up as much while tied to the dock.  A more permanent break water is in the plans for later this year.

Our staff is really working out great this year!  Everybody is getting along well and the new guides are learning the lake quickly.  Damien did an excellent job guiding our bear hunters and anglers, Barry took no time at all to figure out the lake and David is coming along nicely too!  Chef Heather is back for another season and her desserts are killing me!!  I’ve had to limit myself to one a week otherwise I won’t fit in the plane by the end of the season!  Nathan is doing a great job at keeping the outpost camps in much, much better shape than ever before and our pilot Al is getting the job done even quicker than before.  Kelly is doing a great job of keeping the lodge clean and serving the guests for breakfast, dinner and bartending.  Our returning staff are the backbone of this lodge, without them nothing would go the way it should, so here’s an early Thank You to my amazing staff!

Enjoy the pictures from the past few days from Bolton Lake and our Outpost camps!