June 14th, 2015:  It’s been a productive couple of weeks here at Bolton Lake!  Lots of big fish and boats catching over 150 fish per day!  The West River has been especially hot with tons of fish including trophy Pike and Walleye!  A group landed 4 species one afternoon at the East Rapids including Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and a bunch of trophy Whitefish!  There have been numerous wildlife sightings including Moose, Bear, Lynx and the more typical Beavers and Eagles.

We had a total of 5 Bear hunters in camp this spring and all 5 of them took nice bears!  A couple of color phase bears with real nice cinnamon coats and there were a bunch of other bears spotted from the stand and on the trail cameras that will be even bigger next season!

Both outpost camps are doing very well, lots of big fish are being caught at both lakes as well as great numbers!  The new cabin at Aswap Lake currently even has Satellite TV so one of my Chicago groups can watch the Blackhawks try to win the Stanley Cup again!!  I’ll be removing the dish and giving it back to the cooking and cleaning girls for their cabin after this week.

Just a bit of a warning, please check your passports to be sure they have not expired, we had a guest get turned back just yesterday at the airport in the U.S. because his passport had expired.

I’ve written about this in the past but here’s a link to our Bolton Lake Facebook Page where I include a daily picture (usually big fish) because I know I don’t update this page often enough for my guests preparing for their trip!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bolton-Lake-Lodge/229365363798

The weather has been very nice for the most part.  We haven’t had too much rain and most days have been just great days for fishing!  The wind hasn’t been too bad either but it looks like tonight it will get a bit rough.  We have a weather link on the page as well so keep an eye on that to prepare for your trip as well.  I can’t say what the weather will be next week but you can get a general trend by keeping an eye on it.  But having said that, the forecasters for this area are very wrong fairly often!

Enjoy this batch of pictures from the past 2 weeks!