June 12th, 2007: The fish are really starting to bite now. Last week we had huge success with Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Brook Trout! The big Pike were really feeding hard despite some rough weather and quite a bit of wind. One angler managed to land 4 trophy Pike himself using the big Bulldawgs! Normally I use smaller lures at this time of year but they were hitting the big stuff right away.

The weather has been fairly typical for this time of year. One day it’s cold and raining and the next it’s warm and the winds are calm. Today it should be in the 80’s and we’re likely to get a couple more thunderstorms.

The chef has been getting very good reviews from the guests! His muscle appetizers, home made apple pies and prime rib have received the highest compliments, and his ribs are great too! The staff is working out quite well this year, all the new guides are learning our lake quickly and implementing some of their own experiences to help our guests catch fish. We’re excited to be getting Cindy back on Thursday to waitress and bar tend.

Perimeter Airlines is working out quite well. Their Dash 8 is comfortable and they’re well set up for handling guests, gear and freight at their terminal in Winnipeg. Other than some weather issues, (which I’m working on controlling) things have gone very well with the planes we’ve chartered this year.

Here are a ton of pictures from the past 10 days.