June 20th, 2008: The weather has been too good to stay inside and post bulletins on the computer! Actually we’ve had our share of rain over the past 10 days, I think we had 4 days straight with rain, wind and generally bad weather but now it’s warm, sunny and there’s almost no wind today. The fishing has been very good lately, especially the Lake Trout! In the past 4 days we’ve landed 11 trophy Lake Trout over 35 inches!! The biggest Lake Trout of the season was landed by Hal and his guide Kurtis and it was 39 inches! The Pike have been fairly steady, but don’t seem to want to bite on those clear sunny days. As soon as the clouds come in, then they turn on big time! The Walleye are still going strong, one of the guests landed a 29 inch Walleye just last night!

Here are a few more pictures from the past 12 days: