July 6th, 2004: Finally some nice weather!! Although some of the guides and guests claimed to have seen some snowflakes on July 3rd, it’s been very nice weather since Sunday and today is no exception. The Lake Trout are even starting to go a bit deeper as the surface temperature has risen to 65 degrees is most places and up to 70 degrees in the dark shallow bays. The trophies continue to be found, but it seems like there is a bit of a transition going on. Most of the bigger Pike are being caught mixed in with the Walleye and not as much in the shallow bays. The weeds are starting to come up in front of the lodge but the fish have not moved in yet.

This has really been a great year for seeing wildlife. Every night we have a few guests ride to our garbage dump to take some pictures for the bears and just about every day at least one boat spots a moose in the water or on shore. Bald eagles, beavers, otters, mink, loons and rabbits are very common this year. I’m excited to see the pictures of the Lynx that posed for a group out near the North Channel, they are normally very shy animals. The bears have actually become a problem because the cold temperatures have really delayed the berries.

More Pictures!!! (I love digital!)