July 30th, 2007: It’s been a hot couple of weeks with the weather and the fishing!!! So many big Pike, so little time! Today alone there were 4 trophies and one 40 inch Pike, and the day isn’t over yet! More great family stories to be told. Robin and her husband Bob along with her parents Ed and Leonora came up and landed a bunch of trophies. Robin had 2 trophy Brook Trout and a trophy Pike. Bob landed 2 Brook Trout and 2 Lake Trout trophies, Leonora landed a trophy Walleye and a 44 inch Pike but Ed was not as lucky 🙁

The father and son combo of Lou and Craig landed 6 trophy Pike, Lou with 5 and Craig with one. This was at least the 6th trip to Bolton for Lou, but Craig’s first so it took him a bit of time to catch on.

The temperatures reached high into the 90’s last week, and it was miserable! At night the temperatures were dropping into the 70’s but it took a while to get the heat out of the cabins. Luckily we’re now running the generator 24 hours and we’ve put fans in every cabin. The ice production slowed considerably but I had just enough with the emergency stock I build up in my freezers. It’s supposed to be about 90 degrees again tomorrow but there’s a breeze and some rain expected later in the day so I’m sure it will be more comfortable than last week.

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