July 3rd, 2009: It’s been a bit windy for a few days here but today the sun is out and the lake is like glass! The wind has made the fishing a bit tougher but we’re still managing a few trophies every day. Over the past week we’ve had a few fly fishermen here testing the waters strictly with fly rods, they were pleasantly surprised by the number and size of the fish they caught on the fly and how easy it was to get fish to bite. The Walleye’s have been porpoising (this happens every year around this time) in hole #2 and the fly fishermen had a great time catching the Walleye on streamers, poppers and other sinking baits. Other guests are throwing jigs and catching the Walleye about 3 feet below the surface, there is no need to jig on the bottom when the Walleye are porpoising! The fly fishing for Pike was also very effective since our Pike are not very used to seeing slow moving streamers or poppers on the surface.

The fly fishermen also spent some time on the Brook Trout River and did very well. Any type of wet fly were effective and we even got a couple to raise to the surface flies!! I’m looking forward to posting their pictures but I have not received them yet.

The guests at Joint Lake have been having a lot of success fishing for Walleye as well. For the past 3 weeks the guests have barely left the river system because all the Walleye the want are right there!

Aswap Lake has produced a lot of 35-40 inch Pike lately but the guests have struggled to get past that 41 inch trophy size. I think it’s a bit of a transition period right now because the weeds are just starting to show up and the shallow bays are starting to get too warm for the bigger Pike. Fishing rocky points and where ever the Walleye are hanging around is probably the most effective method at this time of year. The weeds will be up very soon, so the guests and guides will have to watch for that!

More great pictures from this past week or so: