July 2, 2015:  The weather has turned pretty warm and the cabbage weeds are coming up!  The Walleye are biting all over the lake and the Lake Trout and Brook Trout have been pretty good too!!  We’ve already had a couple of 46 and 47 inch Pike, a 31 inch Walleye and a couple of 41 inch Lake Trout.  It’s been pretty dry lately and there are forest fires in other areas of the Province so we can smell the smoke and there’s a bit of a haze when we have a Northwest wind.

There have been tons of bear sightings, a bunch of Moose and hundreds of Eagles and Beaver.  Wolves and Lynx have also been spotted this year which are pretty rate sights.

The water has warmed to about 70 degrees, but the next time we get a big wind it will stir up the colder water below and drop that surface temperature a few degrees.

We are now sold out of all dates at Aswap Lake for 2015 and other than a bit of space next week and then again from July 19-28 we are very full at the lodge as well.  Two of our four Moose hunters that were booked this year had to cancel out due to medical reasons so we have 2 tags available for September 19 – 26.  Please call if you’re interested!

Here are 30 more pictures even though we have well over 200 trophies already so this is just a small sample of some of the best shots!!  The theme of these pictures is multiple species trophies caught by the same angler!!