July 1, 2008: Sorry for the delay, just been busy! It’s been a productive 11 days since the last update, over 60 trophies caught and released averaging almost 6 per day!! I think we’re going to break our all time high for number of trophies caught if we keep up this pace! The Lake Trout have been better than we’ve seen them in 8 years, the Brook Trout have been amazing this year, we’re catching about 5 trophies per trip and the numbers are way up too. The Pike have been steady right from the start of the season, I don’t think we’ve gone a day without at least one trophy Pike and many days we get a bunch! The numbers of Walleye are good but we’re not getting as many trophies yet this season, one spot is about to heat up where we catch a dozen or more trophy Walleye every season, so my next report may be different.

Things have been going very well at the outposts and the lodge, the staff this season has been fantastic and we’re getting rave reviews from our dining room! The equipment has been really good too, just a few minor repairs and new props to keep the motors running well. The weather is the story of this season, well after the fishing of coarse, but I think they go hand in hand. We have not had a single flight delay due to weather yet this season, which is unheard of for May and June. Hopefully our luck keeps up for the rest of the season!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past week and a half: