January 3rd, 2011:  With a hectic fall and early winter behind me, I’m excited to get started on the Sport Show Trail!  Later this week I’m heading down with Tom to St. Louis, then on to Indy, Chicago and Milwaukee.  After these shows, there’s a bit of a break and then I do a few shorter trips to Omaha, Minneapolis and Phoenix.  We might try to take a trip into Bolton Lake in between shows by snowmobile but ice conditions are terrible so far this year.  Lots of snow (not good for our high water) and relatively mild temperatures so far has prevented the ice from getting very thick and with the high water last fall some creeks may still be open because of the extra flowage.  We’ll have to send out some scouts before we try anything crazy like bringing in a truck with 2 flat tires!

We’re settled into our new house that already had a small at home business office ready to go, the only thing I’m missing is my shop and boy do I miss it!  At our old house I had a 24X28 shop for all the lodge supplies (plus my hunting, ice fishing, quad and snowmobile supplies) and a ton of tools.  Right now I only have a stall in the 3 car garage for all my stuff which doesn’t leave much room for me to do any work in there.

We’re looking forward to meeting new and old guests at the shows, please stop by and see us!