January 28th, 2011: St. Louis, Indy, Chicago and Milwaukee were all great All Canada shows again for us this year! It was great visiting with new and old guests and booking a few trips along the way made it even better!! We still have a few prime dates still open at the main camp on Bolton Lake but our outposts are full until July 31st! There are a few weeks open in August at Joint Lake and we might extend the season into September at Aswap but we’ll see how the bookings go first.

Winnipeg has been cold and snowy and the weather up north has been similar. I’m expecting an early ice out because there’s not a lot of ice due to the snow covering and insulating the ice. The water will be high at all our lakes next season because it did not come down enough in the late fall and there’s about 2 feet of snow up there this winter.

I have a few irons in the fire right now. There are still 3 more shows (Omaha, Minneapolis and Phoenix) left for this season, plus I’m working on setting up a new float plane for next season and I’m working on getting the staff hired. Our chef, Rob who came in mid season last year will be with us again this year! He’s the best all around chef we’ve ever had and we’re looking forward to working with him again! Tom, Cedrick, Willie, Regi, Cary, Ray, Trevor (T3) and Marcel have all confirmed for next season and my faithful kitchen/cleaning staff of Glenda and Deane will be back again too!! Willie and Deane’s son Stacey who has been at Bolton Lake for the past 3 seasons will get some more time on the water this year, during his first brief effort at guiding last season he helped his guests land 2 trophies!