February 3rd, 2011: Thats it for sportshows this season! We just finished the show in Phoenix and were back in Winnipeg to get ready for the lodge season. The shows were very productive this year, we were able to fill a lot of holes in the schedule and at every show we were able to book at least one group!

Were getting ready for a busy 2011 season, now Im going to be concentrating on buying a few things for the lodge like a new ice machine (our good one died late last season), a new chainsaw, new outboard motors etc. The outboards have actually already been ordered, were getting 7 new four stroke 30 hp motors for the lodge and 4 more two stroke 15 hp motors for the outposts. I bought an extra bottom end for the F30s and a new generator for Joint Lake.

I scheduled our fuel haul for early May this season, were hoping that the runway will still be half frozen so that its not too wet for the Ag Plane, its a crop duster that carries about 800 gallons of fuel per load! Were going to haul propane, beer, pop, water, canola, our outboards, beans, corn, and much more freight in on another plane at the same time.

Give us a call if you would like to book a trip this season, there are still some prime ice out dates at the end of May open and were not going to be risking the ice because Im predicting an early ice out. Ive seen ice out as early as May 1st and weve never had to cancel a group booked later than May 25th in the past so the end of May dates are going to be very good fishing with virtually no risk of being iced out. Heres a list of dates for Bolton and the Outposts that are currently open:

” May 25 29 for up to 14 guests special rate of $2099 per person
” July 6 10 for up to 2 guests
” July 6 13 for up to 2 guests
” July 10 13 for up to 12 guests
” July 17 20 for up to 12 guests
” July 20 24 for up to 16 guests
” July 24 28 for up to 2 guests
” July 24 31 for up to 2 guests
” July 31 August 7 for up to 8 guests
” August 12 16 for up to 12 guests
” Aswap Lake is open July 31 August 7 and August 21 – ? (shorter trip available)
” Joint Lake is open August 7 14 and August 14 – ? (shorter trip available)

Give us a call anytime, our toll free number problems seem to be over and email is working properly again too! info@boltonlake.com