February 27, 2004: Our Moose Hunts are Sold Out for 2004! Bolton Lake has never been seriously hunted, so the results should be fantastic!

The winter road work has been going well, but it’s getting warm here so it will not last long. We’ve had above freezing temperatures for the past few days in Winnipeg, and it’s starting to soften the road up North. One more run with a few more propane, a new snowmobile and more lumber for Aswap and we’ll be finished.

We also only have 3 more shows. Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Cleveland are the last markets for the season. We enjoy the shows, but it’s nice to be home.

Ice fishing on the Red River in Winnipeg has somewhat satisfied my need for fishing. I haven’t caught a fish over two pounds since my fall Musky trip, but I can’t complain, it’s great to be outdoors.

We’ve rehired almost all the same guides from last year as well as our chef and cleaning staff. We’re very excited to have them back for 2004 since they performed so well in 2003. Chef Justin has some great menu ideas that we’re going to implement this year, so be prepared to be amazed. One of our guests is a chef in the Chicago area and he’s given us some great menu ideas as well. Combining all the different ideas should deliver great results.

Please feel free to give us suggestions on food, or any other areas you feel you’d like to see different at Bolton Lake or the Outposts. Just send us an email and we’ll seriously consider every suggestion.