December 28th, 2009: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Another year has nearly passed and we’re already preparing for 2010! The sportshow schedule is set, although we may add 1 or 2 more depending on how things are going. Lately, there have been quite a few bookings and the schedule is starting to really take shape! Aswap is sold out for the season and there are only a couple of weeks open in August at Joint Lake! We’re very excited to see this turn around in bookings and hope that the trend will continue throughout the sportshow season. Now if that darn exchange rate would cooperate then I’d be able to go buy a bunch more stuff without worrying….like a new float plane!

Our new website is nearly complete and I expect to have it operating within about a week. The site will have almost all the same content, just a much nicer and more convenient design.

Bolton Lake has joined FaceBook, just type in Bolton Lake Lodge in a search on Facebook and it should come up. Otherwise, try this link:FaceBook

I’ve been mentally preparing for a trip into Bolton Lake on Snowmobile this winter. It’s been said that there will be a new winter road built that will travel about 30 miles south of Bolton Lake between Norway House and Island Lake. My plan is to use this road to haul a new boat, truck, trailer and some other supplies as close to Bolton as possible and then venture off the road to break a trail into Bolton Lake. The old trail through the bush should still be there, but with about 5 years of new growth over it, so it will be a very rough trail, hopefully without too much slush. If the trip goes well, then I’ll use our old Bombardier and sleigh to haul in as much stuff as I can so that we don’t have to fly in all our supplies this spring. Of coarse, I’ll only be able to take in items that can freeze like outboard motors, lumber, bottled water and canola oil but the beer, pop and groceries will have to wait for the spring along with all the fuel because we’re just not set up to move the quantity of fuel that I need for a season.

We look forward to seeing you at the sportshows over the next 3 months and at the lodge in less than 5 months!