December 20, 2012:  Happy Holidays!!  It sure looks like Christmas up here in Winnipeg!  We have lots of snow and ice and it’s been a much colder winter this year than last and we’re less than a month into it!  Up North they’re saying we have a record amount of snow, there’s pretty good ice but with all that snow there’s going to be a lot of slush as well.  Tom and I have been talking regularly about our trip to the lodge this winter, I bought a new snowmobile and sleigh and today I’m going to build another sleigh to try to pull the quad out of the bush we left behind last winter.  The new boats are still being built and are scheduled to be ready for January.  I’ll be at the shows until January 21st and then we’ll be heading up North right away to start packing our trail.  Once the trail is ready then we’ll call for the boats to be delivered in Norway House or as far down the winter road they will come and then we’ll start towing them in with the snowmobiles.  Hopefully we’ll get a feed of fish while we’re working like mules!

Here is an updated list of the fishing shows I’ll be at this winter:

  • January 4 – 6 in St. Charles, MO at the St. Charles Convention Center
  • January 7 – 9 in Carmel, IN at The Fountains Banquet & Conference Center
  • January 10 – 13 in St. Charles, IL at Pheasant Run Mega Center
  • January 14 – 16 in Madison, WI at the Marriott Madison West
  • January 17 – 20 in Milwaukee, WI at the Milwaukee County Sports
  • January 21 – February 12 GET NEW BOATS AND MOTORS TO LODGE
  • February 15 – 17 in Minneapolis, MN at the Earle Brown Heritage Center
  • February 21 – 24 in Phoenix, AZ at the University of Phoenix Stadium