May 31 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 31, 2011:  A bit of a nasty day today but the weather has been pretty good for May this year!  The fishing has been great too, the guys at Joint Lake have been doing very well, the last group had a couple Lake Trout trophies, a couple big Pike and a couple of trophy Walleye.  The group at Joint Lake this week already has 3 trophy Walleye in the first 2 days!  Aswap Lake is [...]

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May 20 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 20th, 2011:  Things are much more under control now!  The weather has been amazing for May, almost too hot for working a couple of days!  There's no ice left on Bolton or Aswap Lake, there's a bit floating around on Joint Lake but I'm betting that it will be gone tomorrow.  The new staff that are here already are bring shown around the lake and are stocking the shore lunch spots with fire wood and [...]

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May 16 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 16th, 2011:  Hectic!!  Today is Monday, Saturday we had 10 Caravan flights into Bolton Lake from Norway House with 50 plus propane, plus about 20,000 lbs of other goodies like the beer, pop, water, outboard motors, a new ice machine, beans, corn, canola oil, potatoes etc.  We also had the fuel plane in 11 times between Saturday and Sunday bringing in almost 10,000 gallons of fuel, a mix of Av Gas for the float plane, [...]

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May 11 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 11th, 2011:  The snow drifts are shrinking every day and the ice is getting rotten!  We have some open water in the back bay where we should be able to land the float plane by tomorrow I think.  The float plane is expected to be here in a few days so it should work out right on schedule.  I don't know what our other lakes look like right now but when the freight and fuel [...]

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May 8 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 8th, 2011:  This is not going to be an easy start up this year.  We still have large snow drifts in the yard but they've come down significantly since we arrived 3 days ago.  The runway is still wet and soft so I'm probably going to have to postpone my freight and fuel haul unless the forecasted rain doesn't appear.  If the rains miss us then it might still work out. We spent our first [...]

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April 29 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

April 29th, 2011:  I'm excited to get this season started!  There's a couple of weather issues that I thought I should update, especially for our early guests.  Right now, the ice is still holding strong.  I was at my mom's cabin yesterday about 50 miles north of Winnipeg and there was still ice on that lake.  Normally there's a full 2 weeks from the time that my mom's lake opens up until the ice on Bolton [...]

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April 23 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

April 23rd, 2011: Its been a busy winter and its only going to get more exciting as we get closer to the start of the season! Ive been busy hiring staff, arranging the freight and fuel haul and picking up miscellaneous supplies for the season. I have chatted with some contacts in Norway House and Island Lake and they say that the ice is still a few weeks away from going out. Im not worried yet, [...]

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February 3 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

February 3rd, 2011: Thats it for sportshows this season! We just finished the show in Phoenix and were back in Winnipeg to get ready for the lodge season. The shows were very productive this year, we were able to fill a lot of holes in the schedule and at every show we were able to book at least one group! Were getting ready for a busy 2011 season, now Im going to be concentrating on buying [...]

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January 28 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

January 28th, 2011: St. Louis, Indy, Chicago and Milwaukee were all great All Canada shows again for us this year! It was great visiting with new and old guests and booking a few trips along the way made it even better!! We still have a few prime dates still open at the main camp on Bolton Lake but our outposts are full until July 31st! There are a few weeks open in August at Joint Lake [...]

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January 3 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

January 3rd, 2011:  With a hectic fall and early winter behind me, I'm excited to get started on the Sport Show Trail!  Later this week I'm heading down with Tom to St. Louis, then on to Indy, Chicago and Milwaukee.  After these shows, there's a bit of a break and then I do a few shorter trips to Omaha, Minneapolis and Phoenix.  We might try to take a trip into Bolton Lake in between shows by [...]

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