October 9 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

October 19th, 2011:  Tom and I headed back up north for the better part of September to check on the lodge again, do a bit of hunting and to try to make a few bucks with the float plane.  Everything at the lodge looked good and we were able to put a few more things away as well as secure a couple things as well.  We didn't spend a lot of time there because there was [...]

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August 31 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

August 31st, 2011:  The season has officially come to an end and we would like to thank all our guests one more time for their visits with us this year!  It was a season of ups and downs but mostly ups because the weather and fishing were great again this year!  Some difficulty with getting the tractor stuck in a swamp and a couple of guides spoiling things for the camp were all overshadowed by another [...]

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August 8 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

August 8th, 2011:  It's been raining for about 12 hours now so it's given me some time to work on another update.  The weather in general has been pretty good this season, not too many days where guys didn't go out, just 3 that I can think of all season!  We also haven't had one flight delay due to weather all season, we're making up for that one season when every big change over day had [...]

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August 2 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

August 2nd, 2011:  The fish are biting!  Ten more trophies at Aswap Lake last week, and that was just one angler!  On Bolton, we've been getting a few trophies every day, slowly but surely we're having another great season with the big fish!  No real big spurts of action where one group catches them all one week and then the next couple of weeks it's slow, so far this year it's been nicely spread out!  We've [...]

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July 24 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 24, 2011:  The weather has settled down again and it looks like we're going to have a great week for fishing!  Not too hot or windy and we've had more than our share of hot weather this season.  There's been a fair bit of rain lately so the forest fires in the area do not seem to be an issue any more. More trophy Lake Trout and Pike over the past 2 weeks as well [...]

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July 11 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 11th, 2011: We just had our most productive week of the season, the first week of July was a real good one!  There are a ton of pictures from Joint Lake, they landed a bunch of Lake Trout, some really nice Walleye and some great Pike too!  The guys at Aswap haven't sent me their pictures yet but they landed 10 trophies and there were only 2 guys fishing!  At Bolton we had two guys [...]

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July 4 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 4th, 2011:  I didn't quite match Tom's numbers on the Brook Trout but we landed 19 Brook Trout and 5 of them were trophies!  The biggest was just over 22 inches, the pictures are below! It's been a very warm summer so far, today it's cloudy and more comfortable with a bit of cloud cover.  I'm hoping for a real good trophy day with this weather! Here are some more great pictures!

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June 27 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 27, 2011:  The weather has been consistently warm for the past few weeks other than today.  Without too much wind lately to stir up the water and the warm temperatures there were a bunch of us who went swimming a few times.  The surface water was very comfortable but if you dove down you could feel the much cooler water just a couple feet down.  There hasn't been much rain lately so the lake is [...]

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June 18 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 18, 2011:  It's been a bit windy lately but the fishing has been good!  We had one real good rain storm but other than that it's been pretty dry lately.  We'll likely get a bit more rain tonight as a system is passing through later.  The Lake Trout are starting to go a bit deeper, I've had reports of about 30 feet so just a bit of weight will do, one or two ounces as [...]

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June 11 2011 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 11, 2011:  The weather has been too nice to be in the office doing a web update, and it takes time to get the camera cards from the guides and guests to get the pictures for the update.  June has been nice and warm with little rain so far.  The water level is slowing dropping but it's still much higher than normal.  With this nice weather I keep expecting a day with 10 trophies but [...]

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