Canada Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Canada has some of the best fishing and lodging available to fisherman seeking the ultimate fly-in fishing vacation. Located in the beautiful Northern Manitoba wilderness is Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts, where fishing guests can experience a fishing trip that will fulfill their most ambitious fishing adventure desires.

The only way to get to our fishing lodge is by flying-in on a chartered flight. The flight from Winnipeg usually takes approximately 90 minutes and provides our fishing guests with a wonderful view of the Canadian landscape on their journey to our Canadian fly-in fishing lodge.

We often host guests from both United States and Canada, many of whom are going on their annual fishing trip, as well as first timers. For whatever their reasons are for taking a fishing trip, they are all guaranteed to be offered world class fishing and comfortable accommodations when they visit Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts.

Spending time at our Canadian fly-in fishing lodge will make you forget about everything you thought was important. Your top priority will be catching fish and soaking up sunshine as one day falls into the next. Visit Bolton Lake Lodge to experience this phenomena for yourself!

If you are thinking about booking a Canadian fishing getaway and want to go somewhere that is truly special among fishing destinations, consider Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts. We have everything you need to make your next fishing trip extraordinary!