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Trevor and Jodi Dick are the 2nd generation owners of Bolton Lake Lodge. Trevor’s father Brian Dick bought Bolton Lake Lodge in 1988 as a project for the Manitoba Government. His job was to sell the lodge as it owed money to the Province, but there was a lot of dispute over who he could sell the lodge to. In the end, Brian bought Bolton Lake and his plan was to give it a quick overhaul and sell it to whomever he wanted for a quick profit. Brian quickly learned that Bolton Lake was a special place with unlimited potential for expansion and improvements. All of Brian’s kids worked at the lodge in one capacity or another over time as it became the family business.

June 20 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 20th, 2014:  The fish have really been biting lately!  We've had some great fishing weather and with the late ice out we're still catching big Pike is shallow bays!  The Lake Trout are still pretty shallow too, yesterday a 37 inch Lake Trout was caught in about 6 feet of water while jigging for Walleye on a sand bar!!  A couple of the trophy Pike caught yesterday were caught while jigging for Walleye as well [...]

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June 11 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 11th, 2014:  The ice lasted until about May 29th and then there was just a small sheet left over in the Southwest corner of the main lake.  Since then we've had a mix of beautiful hot weather to a cold snowy day and everything in between.  The fishing has been outstanding!  For the first week of the season we were catching trophy Pike constantly and now we're getting a nice mix of trophy Pike, Walleye [...]

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May 27 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 27th, 2014:  The ice is almost all gone!  We made it to the West River last night and again today but we had to break through a bit of ice to get there.  The guys had some trouble getting back to the camp today with the ice getting shifted around by winds but other than a bit of prop damage, it all worked out.  We were finally able to start getting the docks into the [...]

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May 20 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 20th, 2014:  We still have ice on our main lake here at Bolton Lake but we have 3 boats launched in the back bay and we can access Mink Creek, the Gator Bowl, Hole #1, and the south-south bays.  It's a bit cooler today with wind from the north and clouds but the weather has been pretty good lately.  The sun will be out for the next few days and with the black ice on [...]

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May 10 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 10th, 2014:  I was back and forth to the lodge a couple of times this week and things are looking not too bad.  There's some open water along the shores, rivers and creeks but there's still snow and slush on top of the ice.  The good thing about the slush and snow is that when it all melts it will really help deteriorate the ice below.  The ice is very unsafe right now with the [...]

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May 1 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

Our busy season is upon us!!  Yesterday I drove from Winnipeg to Pembina, ND to pick up a new seat for the quad because a bear destroyed ours, then back to Winnipeg.  Then up to Selkirk to do a check out flight in the C-206 on wheels so that the plane and I are ready to fly next week.  It was nice getting back in the plane!  After the flight I drove out to Lac Du [...]

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March 7 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

March 7th, 2014:  It's been a relatively mundane winter compared to last year when I was hauling in the new boats and starting an air service but we've stayed busy with just a few shows, hiring staff, finding parts and equipment and getting a bit more work done with the air service business.  As mentioned in our newsletter, I started a new air service which was a massive undertaking working with different branches of Transport Canada.  [...]

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November 18 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

November 18th, 2013:  By now most of our guests and potential guests have received our yearly fall newsletter, if you did not receive one because you have moved or you are not on our mailing list, please let us know and we'll be happy to send you a copy.  As mentioned in the newsletter, we will be attending 3 sport shows this winter, two of which are in the Chicago area and the other is in [...]

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September 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

September 3rd, 2013:  Our last guests for the season are at Aswap right now and then the fishing season will be over for another year.  Our last lodge guests and most of the staff departed mid August so I've been taking some time to get some other work done and for the most part relaxing for the past 2 weeks.  It's back to work for me now, I'll be getting some more supplies for the lodge [...]

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July 30 2013 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 30th, 2013:  The weather has turned warmer again after a fairly long cold snap and the fish are biting!  The Lake Trout fishing has not been as good compared to most seasons but I'm betting that will change this week since Regi and Dr. White are concentrating solely on Lakers for the week.  They always end up with a bunch of trophies and one around the 40 inch mark so we'll see how they make [...]

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