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Trevor and Jodi Dick are the 2nd generation owners of Bolton Lake Lodge. Trevor’s father Brian Dick bought Bolton Lake Lodge in 1988 as a project for the Manitoba Government. His job was to sell the lodge as it owed money to the Province, but there was a lot of dispute over who he could sell the lodge to. In the end, Brian bought Bolton Lake and his plan was to give it a quick overhaul and sell it to whomever he wanted for a quick profit. Brian quickly learned that Bolton Lake was a special place with unlimited potential for expansion and improvements. All of Brian’s kids worked at the lodge in one capacity or another over time as it became the family business.

June 2015 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

June 14th, 2015:  It's been a productive couple of weeks here at Bolton Lake!  Lots of big fish and boats catching over 150 fish per day!  The West River has been especially hot with tons of fish including trophy Pike and Walleye!  A group landed 4 species one afternoon at the East Rapids including Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and a bunch of trophy Whitefish!  There have been numerous wildlife sightings including Moose, Bear, Lynx and the [...]

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May 29 2015 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 29th, 2015:  In the first week of being open we've gone from 80+ degrees down to about 28 degrees this morning for a low with snow and freezing rain.  It's an unwelcome change but it's May and we've had it pretty good for most of the month and this weather will be gone tomorrow so we'll just keep on fishing!  The fishing has been really good with tons of Walleye, a bunch of trophy Pike [...]

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May 21 2015 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 21st, 2015:  The ice is gone, the boats will all be in the water today, the docks are in, the freight and fuel haul are done but there's still a list a mile long to take care of over the next 2 days!  The weather has been really great other than one day when it snowed all day!  We have at least 5 different bears are hitting the bait sites, and the fish are biting!  [...]

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May 2 2015 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

May 2, 2015:  Okay, now it's time to get real busy!  We did our aircraft recurrent training this week, I picked up our 7 new Yamaha 30 hp 4 stroke engines and about 100 other little things I should have been taking care of instead of ice fishing!  Tom has been collecting some real good bear bait, he has a 45 gallon drum of used oil from Fried Chicken restaurants and a couple hundred pounds of [...]

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April 2015 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

April 6, 2015:  It's been an uneventful winter up here in Manitoba!  I have stayed busy with travelling through the U.S. to a few different fishing shows to promote the lodge and outpost camps and I've spent the rest of the time just taking care of emails and phone calls.  Our daughter Jordan has been playing hockey all winter and I've spent some time on the ice helping with practices and we just returned from a [...]

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October 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

October 27, 2014: The 2014 fishing and hunting season has come to an end and we're already getting busy for 2015! The newsletters will be out in about a week which should help keep the phones and emails busy until the holidays! I would love to find some time to get some Whitetail hunting in this fall but it might not work out. Good thing I ended up with a few chunks of meat from the [...]

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September 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

September 8th, 2014: We've been hard at work building the new cabin at Aswap Lake! Our last guests left on August 30th so we have been able to concentrate on the new cabin and I think it will be one of the nicest outpost camps in Manitoba! The new cabin has a wrap around deck that is 8X24 on one side and 6X24 on the other! We have 2 doors, one on the front and one [...]

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August 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

August 12th, 2014:  Our 26th fishing season is coming to an end fairly soon.  Just 2 groups left for Aswap Lake and then the hunting season will begin in late September.  For the next month we will be building the new cabin at Aswap Lake and getting a bit more work done around the lodge when the weather doesn't allow us to fly over to the outpost camp.  We chartered an Otter yesterday and moved almost [...]

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July 28 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 28th, 2014:  We've had three more weeks of crazy weather and big fish!  It has not rained in over a week but the 2 weeks prior more than made up for the rest of the season.  We had lots of big rain showers which played havoc with the runway conditions but our water levels are up, the rapids are running fast and strong and there are no signs of any forest fires this year!  For [...]

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July 7 2014 Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts Update

July 7th, 2014:  It's been a crazy couple weeks with great fishing, bi-polar weather, huge fish and good times!!  The big Pike have been hitting consistently as well as the Walleye and Lake Trout.  Each visit to the Brook Trout river produced multiple trophies and a season high one day total of 26 Brook Trout!  Our motor was stolen for the 4th time off the River despite being locked on the boat so we may not [...]

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