August 8th, 2012:  The fishing is still going strong here at Bolton Lake!!  We have run out of trophy cards so now we’re cutting them out of the fishing guides, the fishing has just been outstanding this year and we’re a long way ahead of our normal trophy count!  The weather has been much more comfortable, highs in the 60’s and 70’s for the most part and only a couple of days have been a bit windier than we normally like, but nothing that stopped us from getting out fishing.  The water temperature has dropped from about 75 degrees to 65 degrees so I’m thinking we’re going to have an early fall, but anything can happen really.  The water level has been dropping over the past few weeks, it’s down about a foot on Bolton and Joint Lake, and about 2 feet at Aswap.  I flew over one of the forest fires and it’s basically out now, there was just a bit of smoke coming from a few small areas.  We haven’t noticed any smoke from the fire to the West of us for about a week.  Cooler temperatures and a few good rains have knocked those fires down.

I’ve added one more late season project to the list, we’re going to re-shingle the roof at Joint Lake since we keep trying to repair the leaks but they just keep opening back up.  Tom, Willie, Regi and Al will be left to take care of most of the late season projects and then I’ll be back to do some fall flying for locals going moose hunting and trapping.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past 2 weeks or so: