August 6th: We’re in the middle of another fantastic week of fishing here at Bolton Lake and we have one fisherman out to break some records. Bryan Robb has caught 5 master angler Pike (all 41 inches or better) in 2 days. He’s not doing anything different than most other anglers except he’s not missing anything! Usually, even for the professional fisherman, you only catch half the trophy fish you see, but Bryan is converting every opportunity he gets into another trophy.

Another group at the lodge did well this week. They caught 6 trophies including 3 Pike and 3 Lake Trout. The youngest angler Will Salvi (12 years old) boated a 35 inch Lake Trout. I’m looking forward to the pictures from that group.

My sister Cathy, her fiance and me with her 33 inch Lake Trout. It’s not that big, but she made me put it on the site because she had to work so hard to fight the fish.

Later on August 6th: Bryan caught a 36 inch trophy Lake Trout today bringing his total to 6 trophies in 3 days. Not bad, too bad he has to leave tomorrow! Not to be outdone, a 39 inch Lake Tout was also caught today.