August 2nd, 2015:  Sorry for the delay in posting, my computer was in Winnipeg getting the Hard Drive replaced.  We have had a really nice season with great weather, fishing, staff and guests!  It’s a bit cooler today and we’ve had a couple of showers but I think I prefer this weather to 90 degrees and no wind!  We have not had much rain this year so the water levels have dropped steadily since mid June so we’re actually hoping for a bit more rain in August and September.  But it sure is nice to have a dry, solid runway!

We have one big building project for later in August when some of the guides are available to start construction.  The girls cabin is being replaced with a larger and nicer cabin so we’ve been receiving building materials whenever we have space on a plane coming in from Winnipeg.

The Brook Trout river has been okay this year, we have not been getting the numbers of fish that we’re accustomed to but we still managed to get trophies on every trip!  The water level has dropped over there as well so we pulled the motor out because we can not access half of our usual spots, hopefully it will be better for next season!

Enjoy our pictures from the past month!