August 12th, 2014:  Our 26th fishing season is coming to an end fairly soon.  Just 2 groups left for Aswap Lake and then the hunting season will begin in late September.  For the next month we will be building the new cabin at Aswap Lake and getting a bit more work done around the lodge when the weather doesn’t allow us to fly over to the outpost camp.  We chartered an Otter yesterday and moved almost all the building supplies for the new cabin at Aswap Lake!  Everything that didn’t fit in our plane went in the Otter and our plane has already done about 12 trips with materials as well.

The last few weeks of the season were very good for Pike and Lake Trout.  We had no problem catching Walleye for shore lunch but the bigger ones were not hitting like they were in late June and July.  The weather has been much better with almost no rain.  It got hot for a while but for the last couple of days it’s felt more like fall in the morning.

Here are some more great fish, wildlife and scenery pictures from the past 2 weeks (and a couple from earlier in the season I missed):