August 13th, 2010:  Wow, we have had a lot of rain here over the past few weeks.  With just a few good down pours, the lake has risen 3 feet and it looks like it’s going to come up again after this rain finally stops.  We think it might be over the main dock by the end of the season if it continues like this!  The higher water did not slow down the big Pike, but it make it a lot tougher on the Brook Trout river.  The river came up a few feet as well so the Brook Trout were able to spread out all over the river rather than the few pools we were working earlier in the season.

I’ve taken over the float plane flying and it’s been very enjoyable.  It’s nice to finally be getting some use out of my commercial license, and this way I get a good look at the outposts more often.  We just rebuilt the dock at Joint Lake, new stringers going from shore to the crib and new boards over the entire dock.  It looks great and should last at least another 10 years!

The last few guests coming out of Joint Lake have caught more trophy Pike than the guests coming out of Aswap, a bit of a role reversal lately!  We’re getting more trophy Pike out of Joint Lake than normal which is great to see.

I have a ton of pictures to share and I’ve been holding off because I’ve been waiting to get more yet.  As the new pictures come in, I’ll be sure to add them right away.