April 27th, 2007: I’m at the lodge right now working on the new cabin and packing the runway for the Hawker to come in with our freight and fuel for the season. We’re expecting the fuel and freight haul to go quite well next week as long as the weather continues to be as nice as it is right now. The forecast is looking very good so we’re very optimistic.

There have been some major changes in the ice and snow since I was first up here 2 weeks ago today. There’s a fair bit of open water around the shore and the rivers and streams are all open. I expect that there will be almost no ice left here when I leave next Saturday. I’m sure there will be a good chunk of ice out in the main body of the lake but we should be able to access most of the lake by then.

Unless the forecast changes quite drastically, we should have a normal or even a bit of an early ice out. I’ll post again when the fuel and freight is done late next week.