April 27th, 2005: I’m so busy right now that the summer is going to be a relief…yeah right! We’re in the middle of selling 50 plus outboard motors locally, on Ebay and through word of mouth. Iboats.com is also a good place for people to find good motors so we have a bunch listed with them as well.

It’s been a cold week here in Winnipeg and not much better up North. The guys working at Joint Lake check in regularly and are making great progress, they say the cabin is awesome with the new siding and interior. I’ll be up there next week with the float plane and I’ll bring home some good pictures. I’ll fly over Bolton, Aswap and Kitchi to get an idea of how the ice looks and when it will be out. I’m a bit happy about this cold spell, we didn’t want to set 2 records in 2 years, earliest and latest ice out, I think that would make fishing a bit tougher.

I’m getting a new back up generator, a new quad and some new couches that are scheduled to be at the lodge by mid May.